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The value of No.1 comes from the quality of profession.

● Once deal, forever service.

● Promise to none pollution of exterior wall construction.

● Windows and doors planning of residential building.

● Curtain wall planning of business building.

● Picture window planning of villa.

● Performance improvement construction of old windows and doors-The differences of airtight and sound insulation, YOU CAN FEEL IT!

● Windows' construction of balcony.

● Indoor and outdoor's sealants construction.

Saving water, is much easier than your imagination!

● Water conservation: water saving up to 65.5%, control water flow by foot pedal.

● Power free: the patent mechanical principle does not need a power source.

● Sanitary: no hands contact required, can be used to match medical standards.

● Durable: through the Industrial Technology Reserch Institute 500,000 life test examination.

● Safe: comply with the standard of RoHS non-toxic material.

Customization realizes your ingenuity.

● Designed grille、Window grille.

● Designed metal decorations.

● Designed casting aluminium.

● Metal crafts (Design、producing and installation).

● Meticulously crafts by professional team.

The best exterior tiles you ever met!

● Burnt by Japanese hundred years traditional kiln field.

● Injection Molding tiles with hook slut at the back makes the tiles grasp on the wall.

● Customization, provide many colors to fit any style.

● Vitrification, low water absorption and with the sound of metallic rapping.

● Resistance to weather, moisture, dirt and wall mold.